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Carolyn Williams

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These are a few samples of batiks that Hoffman, Carolyn Williams, and Margaret Jones have done for customers.  These, as well as all the batiks in the  Wildlife & Western Custom Hoffman Batiks and Southwestern Custom Hoffman Batiks pages of this website, are available for advance orders.  If you are interested in any of these, please call or email me, and I can explain the process to have these in your store.  I would love any ideas you may have for new custom batiks.  Pictures are always helpful to design the new batiks, and you can email me any you have in mind.  Let me know if you have any questions, and I look forward to working with you!

Please click on the Wildlife & Western Custom Hoffman Batiks or Southwestern Custom Hoffman Batiks link here or at the top of this page to view the fabrics.

You are welcome to also visit the Hoffman website at www.hoffmanfabrics.com

Quilters and sewers come to Hoffman California Fabrics for the best in original screenprints and hand-dyed batiks and handpaints. As a wholesale converter of the highest-quality quilting cottons and blends, Hoffman designs and creates more than 800 innovative screenprints and handmade batik fabrics each year. It employs a team of in-house textile artists to create fabric designs for the quilting industry and garment manufacturing. Quilters (consumers) are encouraged to ask for Hoffman California Fabrics' authentic Bali batiks and superior-quality screenprints at quilt shops and other independent retailers.

Please be reminded that textile designs are protected by copyright law.  Hoffman California Fabrics actively enforces its copyright rights.  By law, you are prohibited from reproducing the copyrighted work, preparing a derivative work, or distributing copies of the copyrighted work, among other prohibitions.  Any person who violates any of the exclusive rights of a copyright owner is an infringer.  Hoffman will pursue infringers to the full extent permitted by law.